Chicago Park District

When you have the word “park” in your name, it does take some effort to remind people that you’re more than just parks. Or parks. (Or parks.) They actually have quite the offering of classes – from basket weaving and auto repair to square dancing and yoga. So how to highlight their eclectic range? By [...]

The Other White Meat. The Re-Othering.

Pork’s ubiquitous tagline had been spread thin by previous campaigns and countless parodies. So how to reclaim its equity moving forward? By doubling down on the otherness of The Other White Meat and redefining it as an exciting alternative. With a fork raised up in defiance of meal monotony, choosing “d. Other” became our rallying [...]

Wood Promotion Network

Yes, there is a coalition of people who want to promote the use of wood. Because even something as ubiquitous as this building product needs a little help to stave off competition and apathy, right? Our efforts helped remind consumers that wood’s flexibility and ease of use are its biggest strengths. (Despite that “pig building [...]

The Other White Meat OOH

What happened when irony put a nice Jewish boy (me) and his vegetarian partner on Pork? Award-winning work marinated with the aforementioned irony, that’s what. We captured the brand’s alternative nature and generated a buzz The Other White Meat hadn’t seen in years. I was even quoted in a Washington Post story about a bride [...]

Linden Oaks at Edward Hospital

Only 10% of people affected with a mental illness ever seek treatment. So we needed to raise awareness of the issue, reduce the stigma, and then highlight Linden Oaks’ offerings. You know, only a few goals. Our work paired physical illness scenarios with how most people react to mental illnesses, illustrating the disconnect.