ESPN Employee-Generated Content

I love the SportsCenter commercials as much as anyone but – spoiler alert – they’re not quite an “accurate” portrayal of what it's like to work at ESPN. That’s why we developed BeHere: an employee-generated content aggregator that allows them to upload photos, videos and any social content – to highlight the real ESPN employment [...]

ESPN Careers

Why does ESPN need help attracting candidates? They don’t. They’re ESPN. But they do need help finding the RIGHT ones. Which is where this new website came in – chock full of vibrant photography, an interactive history, videos, user-generated content and a Facebook Connect-powered VIP tour. We also built a “fit finder” – dubbed the [...]

ESPN Diversity

Most diversity messaging has been about repurposing United Colors of Benetton ads from the 1980s. That’s why we went (screaming) in the other direction and landed on illustrating the unique paths of ESPN employees, showcasing the diversity of experiences they brought to the table. Plus, it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to put a hot dog, [...]