TMP Worldwide

Fresh from a full-time stint at TMP, my former employer brought me back to help craft their new brand, including a global website and promotional materials. The big change? (Well, aside from adding new kick-butt copy, of course.) I established a very conversational approach – anchored by question-formatted headlines – to help build a new [...]

ESPN Employee-Generated Content

I love the SportsCenter commercials as much as anyone but – spoiler alert – they’re not quite an “accurate” portrayal of what it's like to work at ESPN. That’s why we developed BeHere: an employee-generated content aggregator that allows them to upload photos, videos and any social content – to highlight the real ESPN employment [...]

ESPN Careers

Why does ESPN need help attracting candidates? They don’t. They’re ESPN. But they do need help finding the RIGHT ones. Which is where this new website came in – chock full of vibrant photography, an interactive history, videos, user-generated content and a Facebook Connect-powered VIP tour. We also built a “fit finder” – dubbed the [...]