About Faron

In brief

I’m all about words. And not in a weird, obsessive way that makes others uncomfortable. But rather with just the right amount of appreciation for a subtle alliteration. The beauty of a long dash. A seamless flow from one sentence to the next. And how it all can come together in a “big money no whammies, the force is strong with this one, turn it up to eleven” idea. I’ve been a creative for over 20 years. I’ve built brands. I’ve built teams. I’ve made clients smile. I really enjoy what I do. I think you might too.

Percentages of note

Children who live in my home and like my website100%
Preferred milk1%
Chance of rain50%

The Many Farons


Faron The Studious

I was the salutatorian of my high school graduating class, and, in lieu of a speech, I sang and played the clarinet – neither of which would be mistaken for a talent I actually possessed.


Faron The Rapper

I co-founded a rap group – writing the majority of our songs – and encouraged thousands of people to place their hands in the air and wave them around in a manner that suggested they did not care.

bar mitzvahSmaller

Faron The Jew

I launched a successful Bar and Bat Mitzvah invitation business so that every boy and girl could have something “cool” to offset what I can only remember as THE most awkward phase of my youth.


Faron The Meaty

Hot Doug’s immortalized me in sausage. A French smoked delight, adorned with Dijon-shallot goat butter and truffle tome cheese – cradled in a fresh bun. Lactose-intolerance be damned.